Each day you might have come across a plethora of plans for quick weight loss. Some use this as a publicity stunt to market their weight loss products . However some might really hold a little truth in it. But if the thought whether these plan really work still lingering in your mind proceed with the article.

With so many different types of diets available today, people who are looking to lose weight or who are suffering from obesity have a wide range of options to choose from. However, for people looking towards options which would make them lose weight fast, there are a lot of free weight loss plans which are just conning people into believing that they can miraculously lose 10 to 15 pounds in a week, or as per some quick weight loss plans, even in a day.

It has generally been found that most free weight loss plans do not advise you on how to maintain the supposed weight lost, while they do keep urging you and motivating you through case studies of patients who have achieved amazing results by undertaking their plan.
One Day Diet
By far, perhaps the most amusing weight loss plan which comes across is the One Day Diet, which claims that the diet will help individuals lose 20 pounds within a month, while eating a high-caloric diet every second day of the month.The one day, during which you have to diet, you are allowed to consume only diet wafers and raw fruits. The very next day, however, you can eat whatever you like regardless of the amount of calories in it. If you search for this on the Internet, you are likely to find advertisements screaming about the popularity of this diet and the scientific proof. People who have actually undergone the diet will actually be making claims about losing absurd amounts of weight in an equally absurd number of days.Based on the concept that the body will burn stored fat if it is not getting any high-carbohydrate containing food for an entire day, the weight loss plan providers fail to prove as to how the body will digest the stored fat if the fat is being replaced again the very next day.
Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days Plan
Meanwhile, the Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days Weight Plan, claims to stimulate weight loss, though the providers clearly state that one would need to change their lifestyle as well in order to achieve results. Despite promoting a healthy lifestyle, the plan focuses on a diet of meat and butter, which, for people who are suffering from heart diseases, could be fatal. The promoters of this weight plan claim that the plan is easy to follow and does not involve any artificial food or ingredients. As per the plan, while you are unlikely to witness any weight loss during the first four days, on the fifth day suddenly you will notice a reduction of five pounds, and for the following days, you will continue to lose one pound per day.
Farmer’s Market Diet
Other gimmicks similar to these diets include the Farmer’s Market Diet. This weight plan focuses on consuming simply fresh vegetables. The basic flaw in the plan, however, is that it does not incorporate any consumption of proteins, without which the body is not going to develop properly.